Hot army slave Sky


Everything is possible in the army and for those babes who are not obeying, there is a special room, actually a special basement which is cold and dark and in which no one can hear her screaming and begging for mercy. This bondage video is one a kind and in it you are going to see hot Sky as her hands are tied up behind her back and there is nothing she can do but to scream and get ready for her punishment. She is just standing there while wearing an army uniform and that is making her suffer. She has no idea what and when her master is going to start tormenting her and that is what she likes more than anything at the same time. Sky is impatient and that is making her beaver totally wet and it looks like she is going to cum even before she gets spanked and tortured but it would be a pity not to let her feel the pain like never before. The time has come for her to learn the lesson that she has to do what she is told, or else she is gonna feel the pain.

Date: January 16, 2019