We interview Iris so that we can learn all about her sexual experiences. It does not take long before I am tying her elbows and wrists together while she is still locked into her bent over position. Her wrists and elbows brought up high to the chain that has her neck locked into place. Then I put electrodes on her nipples and cranked it up. She actually loved it. She told me it was awesome….at least until I cranked it up past her awesome zone. So she says to me…how do you even give a fake penis a blowjob? Well, lets find out. Luther comes out and her elbows and wrists are brought together and she is asked to get on her knees and show us. And we watch as she first tries to break a Luther record and then settles in on just trying to make Luther cum.Finally we find Iris watching me carefully as I tie her into a very unladylike position…her doing the splits on a stool. What better way to get her all cozy with a multi intense suite of vibrators When that vibrator touches her pussy you would think I had just hooked up a car battery to her cunt. It was great fun attacking it with the Eroscillator.

Date: January 17, 2019