First off we find Marina in the Spider Chair. Ankles and neck manacled to the chair. Her arms are manacled with heavy chains attached to the chair. Her neck is locked into place and her ability to move her arms the way she needs is severely impacted. The Hitachi mounted at her cunt is turned on. She sounds like a little baby now banging about unable to cum. When she asks for permission again she is given it. When she peels that orgasm off it literally sounds like a baby is being born. Like she is pushing something really large out of her body. She brings three powerful orgasms to bear in which one leaves her spray all over the floor beneath her.Next Marina is found dressed in lingerie and ring gagged and sitting on the floor. I had her get doggy style on the floor and then stuck an electrode up her asshole. While her asshole is getting shocked into convulsions I cane her ass and the bottom of her feet. Finally the power is so intense, cranked up so high she cannot do anything more than drool about the floor and scream. While she is still in the doggy position I rope her neck down to the floor and then vib her pussy off. The electricity in her ass so overpowering she cannot have an orgasm. She falls over on her side drooling from the upper and lower lips completely exasperated. Now we find Marina straddling a long copper pipe. Her arms are folded and bound behind her head. She has a small spreader bar on her ankles. On her asshole is an electrode. The other circuit gets completed whenever she touches the copper pole. In other words, if that pole touches the inside of her thighs or her cunt she will get a shock we learn later is more powerful than a cattle prod. I lift that copper pole up and make sure it gets contact right on her pussy. The scream that came out from behind that ball gag was blood curdling. Then I work her with the Hitachi and Eroscillator. It is too much for her. She cannot handle it. When we leave her she has snot running from both nostrils and out over her ball gag. Tears are flowing freely. Drool is dropping from behind her gag. She is an emotional mess.Finally we find Marina being bound with a chest harness and then manacled about the neck. I have her get on her knees and then lean over on her belly. Her collar gets attached to a hook in the floor. This keeps her face right in the dirt as I lube her asshole up for the enema she is about to receive. Once she is well lubed the fountain syringe is inserted into her ass and the delivery of milk into her colon is started. She begins to wail with a quarter of the bag left to go. The whole time she is getting vibbed and she is moaning and groaning with every breath she makes.

Date: January 17, 2019